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We provide top-notch hair transplant operations with latest techniques and first-class aftercare in hospital.

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With our expert and highly experienced team, you will feel in safe hands and perceive the value of quality treatments. We have been devoting ourselves to keeping the customer satisfaction at the highest level since 2010 with the vision of being the pioneer of innovation by application of advanced treatment techniques in the health sector on a global scale.

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Our hospital aims to be one of the academic health institutions referenced in the world by providing effective treatments and enhanced patient satisfaction with quality health services provided, as well as creating models in Turkey with its talented team and solid infrastructure.

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Before Hair Transplant - 4 After Hair Transplant - 4
Before Hair Transplant - 5 After Hair Transplant - 5
Before Hair Transplant - 1 After Hair Transplant - 1
Before Hair Transplant - 3 After Hair Transplant - 3
Before Hair Transplant - 7 After Hair Transplant - 7
Before Hair Transplant - 6 After Hair Transplant - 6

Natural, High Quality,
Lasting & Affordable

  • 2-Day treatment
  • Accommodation at a 5-star hotel
  • VIP Transfer
  • Starting from £1000

FUE Hair Transplant

In FUE technique, healthy follicular units are extracted directly from the patient’s donor area, ideally one at a time with sapphire pen technology.

  • No Visible Scars, No Stitches, No Marks
  • No Needle, No Pain, No Discomfort
  • No Bleeding, No Infection, No Swelling
  • Dense & Natural Looking Hairline
  • Shorter Healing & Recovery Period

Let’s get technical for a second!

We achieve 100% success rate and natural results with PRP–assisted FUE Hair Transplant.

FUE, the latest technique used in hair transplantation combined with the use of needle free Comfort-In™ anesthesia system and sapphire handle tech causes neither pain nor visible scars.

Thanks to the patented needle free Comfort-In™ injectors used at our clinic, local anesthesia is administered in a safe, comfortable and, easy way. This innovation makes the hair transplant procedure painless and anxiety free while significantly reducing infection risk and discomfort.

Ensuring enhanced hair density and natural hairline, FUE method also offers reduced healing time as well as a comfortable and painless recovery process.

Hair Transplant

3 Reasons to book your appointment now

Experienced team: The hair transplant results depend heavily on the choice of hair transplantation teams and their capacities. Our highly experienced, competent and well-equipped team is ready to assist you throughout your hair implantation journey.

Hospital Environment: We take pride in offering individualized professional hair solutions in a hospital environment to guarantee outstanding results and maximum satisfaction. We provide successful hair transplantation solutions under strict hygienic conditions.

100% Success Rate: For every hair restoration procedure performed at Hair World Turkey -if you strictly follow our advice- after 6 months, we guarantee to replace any non-growing hair transplant graft free of charge. Note that, such replacement is hardly ever necessary.

Meet your personal consultant: Hugo

Personal consultant for hair transplant

From your first moment of interaction, I will be by your side throughout all steps of your journey.

Not only before and during the operation but also afterwards, I will be assisting you at all times to respond to your needs for assistance.

I will be there to pick you up from the hotel on the operation day and will be standing by you during the entire procedure. To ensure your comfort and offer you a stress-free experience, I will be available at all times to make sure that any questions you might have are answered diligently. Let’s build your brand-new look together!

Needle Injection for hairloss

Needle Injection

Jet Injection without needle for hair transplant

Jet Injection without needle

A pressure anesthesia device is a method used for patients with needle phobia and who do not want to do the hair transplantation operation due to this. This device which holds a silicone cap instead of a needle, minimizes the pain during anesthesia. With this, the operation that is already pain free after anaesthesia is much easier for the patient with the pressure anesthesia device.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1
    How long does a hair transplantation procedure take?
    It takes between 6 and 8 hours on the average.
  • 2
    Will haircut be required in hair transplantation?
    In case the hairless area is large, to be able to take numerous grafts, it might be necessary to make a full haircut.
  • 3
    What anesthetic method is used in hair transplantation?
    By performing local anesthesia to the donor area and the area to be transplanted hair follicle, those areas are anesthetized.
Hair Transplant Questions Answered

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