Frequently Asked Questions

  • How should the patient who desires to have hair transplantation have an expectation?

    The expectation should be realistic in hair transplant. The patient expectation and the appearance to be obtained are important. Therefore, it is a condition to provide parallelism for the person who will have hair transplantation. The pictures of the patients who had hair transplantation and the numbers of grafts should be clearly specified and the factors relating to the person (hair color, hair fiber thickness, amount of the hairless area and etc.) should be discussed in detail.

  • Which method do you use?

    FUE technique which is the latest technology based on the method of extracting the hair roots individually is used.

  • How many hair root transplants can be mostly executed at a time?

    By considering the hairless area of the person, the numbers of grafts are calculated, and accordingly graft is taken. Almost 3500 and 5000 grafts can be able to be extracted from a person who has an average hair density.

  • What anesthetic method is used in hair transplantation?

    By performing local anesthesia to the donor area and the area to be transplanted hair follicle, those areas are anaesthetized.

  • When Will the Newly Transplanted Hair Start To Grow?

    The newly transplanted hair will start to grow after 3 months.

  • Is any pain occurred after surgery?

    Due to using a long-released local anesthesia, there will be no pain after surgery.

  • How long does a hair transplantation procedure take?

    It takes between 6 and 8 hours on the average.

  • Will haircut be required in hair transplantation?

    If the hairless area is large, in order to take many grafts, all the head should be cut. The hair transplantation can be performed for the persons who have thin hair or hairless problem in only front hair line and golf blanks without hair cutting.

  • Is any scar remaining in the area where the hair roots were extracted?

    There is no scar due to extracting hair roots individually.

  • When can be returned to the business life after hair transplantation?

    It can be started to work after 3-5 days.

  • Can I go swimming or plunge into the pool or do physical exercise after surgery?

    It should not be done physical exercise, gone swimming or plunged into the pool.

  • How can the hair roots/follicles to be transplanted be extracted?

    The hair roots are individually extracted by the help of micro-motor using Fue technique from the area remaining between two ears.

  • From where the grafts be taken for hair transplant?

    They are extracted from the area remaining between two ears in back of the head and programmed genetically for not losing for hair transplant.

  • Will hair transplantation results look completely natural considering the normal hair?

    The hairs transplanted are absolutely the same as your own hairs.

  • Will the hairs be lost again?

    The hairs transplanted are lost one month after surgery and grows after three months, and then you will not lose them for life.

  • When will the newly transplanted hairs start to grow?

    They start to grow after 3 months. At the end of 12-18 months, the hair growth will be completed.

  • When can I have a haircut after hair transplantation?

    It can be had hair cut after 1 month by using only scissor for the area transplanted hair and electric shaver for the other areas.

  • When can the hairs be dyed after hair transplantation?

    The hairs can be dyed after 6 weeks.

  • What method can be used in eyebrow transplantation?

    The technique which is most commonly used in our day is the technique called FUE. The hair roots that are suitable for the eyebrow are individually extracted by this method.

  • Who generally applies for eyebrow transplantation?

    The women mostly apply to this operation. Especially in recent years, becoming the thick eyebrow popular, based on lucking eyebrow mostly, the women whose eyebrows have been offended apply for this process. The other group is the art world. The leading names who have frequently shaped their eyebrow by the pencil or permed tattooing in order to shape their eyebrows as desired densely prefers this operation in these days. The last group is the persons who have lost their eyebrows base on trauma or burn.

  • Who decides how the eyebrow shape will be?

    We together decide how the patient want an eyebrow shape after treatment. Of course, the patient’s opinion leads us. We, on the other hand, transfer our experience to him. Consequently, since everyone’s eyebrow and face structure is different, the same eyebrow will not fit to anyone. By remaining within the anatomic norms, in parallel with the person’s desire, we decide on eyebrow’s shape together with the patient.

  • How long will the length of eyebrow reach to length desired?

    The eyebrows will start to grow almost 2.5 months after eyebrow transplantation and reach to the result desired after 7-8 months.

  • Will eyebrow transplantation results look completely natural?

    Eyebrow transplantation done by artistic touches will be so natural. The knowledge and experience of the team will be accomplished by making the physical conditions suitable. Due to location of eyebrow and hair aspect, they show significant differences from each other. The angle of the hair and the angle of the eyebrow are different from each other. While the eyebrows grow with an angle with 15-20 degrees, the hairs grow with an angle with 40-45 degrees. Therefore, during the surgery, the hairs should be made with the same angle of the eyebrows. The eyebrows are not the same in each area of the face. For example; while the eyebrows stand upright near the nose in the middle of the face, they lean across the middle and be parallel with the eyes. Thereby, while canalizations where the hairs to be transplanted are opening, the channels are opened by considering both aspects and angles, and accordingly if the aspects of the hairs are adjusted and transplanted, natural and undefined results will be accomplished. After Hair world turkey new beginnings, you will feel secure and realize the privilege through our specialists in their field.

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